iPlayWinner Interview with CX + Other KOF Communities.

iPlayWinner have just announced special interview with our admin Don Vecta talking about Cyberfanatix’s community, also other KOF’s communities were interviewed like Orochinagi, MMCafe, SPEKSNK and DreamCancel, each founder/admin was asked 3 questions :

Q1: Tell me about your community : When it was founded, main country that represents, etc. Why KOF?

Cyberfanatix was founded in 2000 by Pakistani player and combo maker remukhan. The main concept of the site was to have a space to show bug videos from KOF 2000. After that, the site got lot of followers so as the time went by it became a site dedicated mostly to show combo videos, bugs and some gameplay tips.

While its roots are mainly from Pakistan, KOF Cyberfanatix have had a wide array of followers coming from Mexico, Argentina, Peru, Morocco, Australia, Brazil, United States, Korea and China so pretty much we cover the places where KOF has been played hardcore.

Q2: What does KOF have that pushed you to form a community?

KOF’s been quite popular in our countries and we wanted to deliver something curious or useful with combos and techniques for competitive gameplay. The response from the community was quite positive so we formed the forums (back in the day, together with Orochinagi founder Gunsmith in our 1.0 incarnation then by our on in 2.0 and 3.0). So we went beyond the combo making and became a stable site for news, cosplay, fan stuff, non-official tournaments and resource info.

Later on we also wanted to cover a little bit more from other fighting games like Street Fighter, Tekken, Mortal Kombat , even some old school non-fighting arcade titles from Neogeo, but in the end we have been mainly a KOF niche so people come here mostly for SNK-P stuff.

Q3: How do you think that KOFXIII will impact your community?

Well, for good or for bad, we are a SNK-P niche so our traffic and attendance it’s paired with SNK-playmore’s activity in the scene. Right now, when the company started to show their advances for the console ports of XIII and the quite surprising KOF-i, sure the activity in our forums and community sky-rocketed.

It seems that after several years, many players stopped playing the classics (mainly 98, 2002) and their interest in those games are not as strong as they used to be not long ago, but now XIII it’s catching their attention into playing something new, which is always a good thing. From our stand, we will continue supporting the SNK-P community with the best we can offer which is mostly combo videos, news and fan stuff. And of course also giving out some extra news from other games as well to keep a bit of variety and flavor to our followers.

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