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The King of Fighters XIV / Re: The King of Fighters XIV Video Gallery
« Last post by Krusan on 24 of April of 2017, 06:54:25 AM »
We´ve been updating our older char specific combo exhibitions (the ones done in the 1.02 version) and Benimaru is the last one.
You can only juggle once per combo with his f+B, but there are still many other juggle options in his arsenal.
Take a look and share your opinions!
The King of Fighters XIV / Re: The King of Fighters XIV Video Gallery
« Last post by Krusan on 21 of April of 2017, 02:48:11 PM »
Glad to be back again! Is there anyone else here?
I´ve done lots of char specific combo vids since the last post, so I better post link to the playlist and I´ll post links for new ones
Well, maybe the DLC chars deserve their own links:
So we´re finally back!
I´ve uploaded lots of vids with win quotes for many chars in english and spanish so here´s a link to the playlist and I´ll keep posting the new ones individually.
Gaming Headlines / Re: Random Gaming news that do not require a thread #Reload
« Last post by Lupin on 09 of April of 2017, 09:18:31 PM »
WaterMelon Games is proud to present its new 16-Bit game: PAPRIUM (code-name: "ProjectY"), a postapocalyptic, outrageous, street brawler.
Nothing's too grand for the ultimate Mega Drive/Genesis game
Tech Support / Re: PS3 red blinking led
« Last post by NeoGeo on 07 of April of 2017, 02:46:33 AM »
I´ve tried, but it only says a error message like "unable to connect" or something like this. I tried looking at the ps store but I can´t find it. Any advice to solve the problem to access the psn store through the game?
Thanx anyway. I´ll keep trying.
I need help but, we warned, maybe I´m being stupid.
What´s up with Athena DLC, is there something I´m missing? I´m from EU and have a EU account and I´m unable to find the free Athena DLC and christimas themes. Shouldn´t it be already available? Can someome please explain to me where to find it and download it? Like, with a step guide or something?  I´ve downloaded other themes before, but this one´s I simply can´t find them, and the search engine for ps4 store (or however is called) doesn´t help.
Thanx in advance and sorry for my clumsyness...

Well going into the game's page on the PSN store I found it there in the DLC section of the game.
Fighting Game Discussion / Re: Tekken 7 Discussion Thread - The "Fated Retribution"
« Last post by TheDuskwalker on 22 of December of 2016, 04:23:05 AM »
Saw this, line stickers.
(Lili's are adorable.)

Obvious notes are Jaycee and Eliza being featured in the set with 2 stickers. Miharu, Jun, and Moku also appear with 1.
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