Author Topic: Antonov and the Bernsteins (a speculation)  (Read 591 times)

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Antonov and the Bernsteins (a speculation)
« on: 15 of June of 2016, 07:26:21 AM »
Well, Antonov causes a buzz. I speculated that he met Rugal in his youth for the rightful title of "The King of Fighters".

Here's a rundown so far.

Antonov - A lovable and charismatic Russian billionaire. The man who claims to be the first "King of Fighters", currently hosting the latest KOF tournament.
Rugal Bernstein - A feared (German) arms dealer in the black market. The man who organized the first modern KOF tournament (in its own universe).
Adelheid Bernstein - Son of Rugal Bernstein, like his father he's a formidable fighter. Unlike his father, he respects his opponents and is an honorable young man.
Rose Bernstein - Daughter of Rugal Bernstein, host of the preceding KOF tournament. Like her father, she gets upset when things don't go in her way.

I wrote this up out of speculation that there may be a history between Antonov and Rugal, and probably in his children. But it all depends in Antonov's story in KOF XIV. It may also explore Rugal's private life and his obsession in fighting such as turning his defeated opponents into his statues.

This will be disproven once we'll know how Antonov became the first "King of Fighters" in KOF XIV.

Antonov claims that he is the first "King of Fighters". I speculate that there was a King of Fighters tournament before, with an unknown organizer. Antonov is a strong fighter who have reached the finals and a charismatic fighter in his youth in his 20s. Rugal, on the other hand seems to be a laid back and arrogant young fighter (probably the same age as Adelheid by that time) who was undefeated in fighting. Both of them are formidable fighters and have a natural talent in both of them.

When they reached the finals of the first "King of Fighters" Rugal and Antonov fought each other and they are both even until Rugal did a trick thinking that he could win the tournament. However, Antonov found an opening of his attack and ends up winning against Rugal. Antonov wants to congratulate Rugal for giving him a good fight, but Rugal refused to shake his hand and left the tournament. Antonov eventually became the first "King of Fighters".

Rugal did not take his defeat against Antonov very lightly. His defeat caused a further strain in the relationship with his younger brother who later broke their partnership and went on his own. Rugal continued his arms dealing business alone. At the same time, in his obsession in becoming stronger and defeating Antonov once they meet again, he began to copy various martial arts to improve his fighting skills.

While looking and waiting for Antonov to fight him again, there were people trying to get in his way because of his arms dealing. He eventually fought them and defeated them with ease. As reward in fighting them, he turns his defeated opponents into statues by encasing them in liquid metal. If he fights and defeats Antonov, he'll encase him in liquid gold.

However, Rugal is not satisfied with his actions and he eventually continued his search to become stronger and defeat Antonov someday. One time he encounters a teenage Goenitz. But he underestimated him, Rugal lost and Goenitz took his right eye. However, impressed that he survived his attack, and seeing his desire to defeat Antonov, Goenitz gave Rugal some of the Orochi power as a gift.

Rugal went on to fight and defeat strong opponents and turn them into statues with his new found power given to him by Goenitz as his desire to fight and defeat Antonov grew stronger as well. He eventually encounters a group of mercenaries who tried to stop him. He defeats everyone and kills them, except one, Heidern, he also lost his eye. However, Rugal is disappointed with Heidern that he thinks he's not worthy to be a part of his collection. He kills his family instead.

Time has passed and that time Rugal feels he is ready to defeat Antonov again. He decided to use "The King of Fighters" to lure his long time rival, Antonov and to sate his hunger for strong opponents with the help of his secretaries, Mature and Vice. Before his KOF tournament began, someone has challenged him. He thought that it was Antonov. Much of his disappointment, it was Saisyu Kusanagi instead. Even though Saisyu put up a good fight against him, he defeated him easily. And the rest is history...

Antonov, on the other hand, went on to become a successful millionaire with a passion for fighting. He himself, also longs to fight Rugal someday, but with various commitments as a multi-millionaire, he had no time to entertain Rugal and fight him again.

(We'll know more about Antonov soon once KOF XIV comes out, and why he invited the Official Invitation Team.)

Perhaps why Rugal is acting like that is because he thinks he is unbeatable with his fighting skills until his hubris caused him to lose to Antonov. Probably, this defeat turned Rugal into an evil and sadistic man we know today.

Perhaps, Adelheid is impressed with Antonov and is honored to fight him one day while Rose is not impressed, like a bratty girl that she is, thinks otherwise.

I won't be surprised if Rose will host KOF XV while trying not to be outdone by Antonov.

What do you think of this speculations?
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Re: Antonov and the Bernsteins (a speculation)
« Reply #1 on: 15 of June of 2016, 10:45:19 AM »
Probably Antonov he just claimed the title by himself to taunt old schoolers from the past KOF's to bring it on. Considering he was pretty much unknown for the last umm... twenty-something years? If he truly was the real King of Fighters, he'd be mentioned in lore or something.

Oh well, seems nobody has the right of the KOF name in that universe so... why the heck not taking it to taunt and bring victims to fight?

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