In the recently concluded, King of Fighters Press Conference by SNK China. We summarize what happened there.

They discussed the history of the King of Fighters and their plans to expand the KOF brand around China though games, merchandise and various media such as animation and live action shows from 2018 up to 2027.

Also, they showed a brief preview of the upcoming The King of Fighters World MMO.

Later, they showed The King of Fighters Destiny CG Animation Series. They previewed the making and production of the series and showed a scene from the series.

At the same event. The King of Fighters XIV Director, Yasuyuki Oda announced a Steam Version (first tweet credit to Gatoray) of KOF XIV, coming later this month.

Also, there were talks about future KOF Licensing and announced a Live Action Adaptation of KOF series.

The show ends with a KOF XIV Exhibition between Dakou and Xiaohai.