(EDITOR’S WARNING: Some scenes shown in this trailer may not be suitable for Children and Sensitive People. Viewer Discretion is Advised.)

SNK announced that Samurai Shodown V Special will be coming for the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita.

While being based in the NEOGEO Version, this version will be uncensored like in the Arcade Version, with blood, decapitations and fatalities. It will be ported by Code Mystics. This game will be Rated M.

Until now, it was never ported outside of the NEOGEO Advanced Entertainment System. This also served as the last game for the MVS board (before shifting to SegaSammy’s AtomisWave board back in 2004) and the NEOGEO AES itself.

While the Arcade version of the game itself is uncensored. It was censored in the NEOGEO due to unfortunate real life events.

If this is SNK’s “Mystery Project”, this will be playable at the Atlus USA/Sega – SNK booth in EVO 2017.