IGN Latin America interviewed Producer Yasuyuki Oda and Gameplay Director Hayato Watanabe, about the future of The King of Fighters XIV. (Note: The interview is in Spanish)

In a summary translated by IPlayWinner, Oda said that KOF XIV still has rooms for improvement, but whether KOF XIV get further updates is “uncertain”. Also, whether new content such as stages and characters will be added, he only mentioned there is a “possibility”. Oda also mentioned that the next KOF title, The King of Fighters XV “will become a reality”.

About the game’s balance, Watanabe said that he tries to listen to the players before making decisions about the balance. Oda, on the other hand mentioned about the difficulties in adding content for KOF XIV and approving new projects. Oda admits that its hard to convince SNK as a whole about such ideas. He did reveal that SNK is working on other fighting games projects, but he did not reveal any details.

They also mentioned about their comments in e-sports.