Manga Productions of Saudi Arabia conducted a contest exclusive in the area. The winning design will appear in an incoming fighting game project. That company was later revealed as SNK.

The design, created by BMashael, has won the contest and it will appear in an unspecified SNK project (most likely to be for the upcoming The King of Fighters XV). Lead Producer and Director Yasuyuki Oda, Lead Artist Nobuyuki Kuroki and resident Senior Artist Eisuke Ogura congratulated the participants of the said contest.

The winning character, named Najd, is an Arabian woman who has possession of an abaya (a cloak traditionally worn by Arabic women) that is controlled by a djinn (evil spirits in Arabic folklore) named Hallika/Halek (“pitch black” in Arabic).

Some more designs of Najd:

Najd with her hijab down

Some of Najd’s moves

We will definitely look forward on Najd in the upcoming SNK projects that she may appear in.

Source: Manga Productions (Twitter), Shoryuken