After SNK gets acquired by Ledo Millennium/37 Games, withdrawing from from the pachislot business (and selling some of their pachislot IPs to Highlights Entertainment), re-focusing on video game development and licensing business, and dropping Playmore in their company name. SNK seems to be profitable again.

In the annual financial report, SNK released as of July 2017. SNK has a 33.7% increase in Sales (4281000000 Yen or $37.8 Million), a 27.3% increase in Operating Income (1907000000 Yen or $16.8 Million), and 50.8% increase in Current Profits (1986000000 Yen or $17.5 Million). With a Final Profits of 3105000000 Yen (or $27.4 Million)

Factors considered are the expansion of game development (like The King of Fighters XIV and mobile games like Metal Slug Attack and Kimi wa Hero) and licensing business such as collaborations.

Regardless, things are looking good for SNK. We all look forward to SNK’s future projects.

Source: Gamebiz