The King of Fighters Destiny, the animated CG series based on The King of Fighters series, which is recently concluded in China, (Note: SNK will release the last two episodes of KOF Destiny in the coming days) will have two more seasons and a full length feature. Idragons, the animation company behind the series confirmed, according to KOFWorld.

Idragons mentioned that they planned two more seasons covering the Orochi Saga (the two new seasons are presumably based from The King of Fighters ’95 and The King of Fighters ’96 respectively) and will be concluded in a movie-like full length feature (which, of course, is based from The King of Fighters ’97). They also revealed that they have a higher budget for the project.

They also admitted they are aware of the fan complaints such as the length of the episodes, questionable quality of some CGI models and probably, treatment to some characters. They promised to work hard in addressing these complaints.

However, the final scene in KOF Destiny which features Kyo Kusanagi in his King of Fighters XIV costume is not addressed and remains a mystery. Perhaps SNK has the answer to that in the coming days.

Credit goes to KOFWorld for this information.