Today, we have gathered a lot of information ahead regarding SNK Heroines Tag Team Frenzy.

First we get trailers.

As featured in NIS America Press Event 2018.

Also, we had a Gameplay Trailer as well. (Courtesy of GameSpot)

At the same time we had developer interviews with Lead Producer, Yasuyuki Oda and Game Designer, Kaito Soranaka about some information about the game.

Team Xbox Clan interview with Yasuyuki Oda

The interview explains the reason why this game is created and why the characters are wearing the costumes. Also, it addresses about the games’s controls and inputs.

Dualshock interview with Yasuyuki Oda and Kaito Soranaka

As of Dualshock’s writing, it is mentioned that the character’s story may vary depending on the pair of characters you are using. In a separate article, it is revealed that SNK Heroines will release at a full roster of 29 Characters in physical all formats with no DLC planned at the moment.

Stay tuned for more information.

Sources: Team Xbox Clan, Dualshock


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