Andy Bogard Joins The King of Fighters XIV

SNK Playmore recently added a pre-PlayStation Experience Trailer for The King of Fighters XIV. In the new trailer, Andy Bogard is confirmed to return in KOF XIV, returning from The King of Fighters XIII. Although the trailer shows a mix […]


KOFXIV Graphics Comparison Video!

ATRyoSakazaki posted a brilliant video on YouTube showing a graphics comparison between the 1st and 2nd teaser of KOFXIV, as you can see below the game received new improvements in term of the graphics, so what’s next?! are we going to […]

The King of Fighters XIV Second Trailer Released

The second trailer of The King of Fighters XIV was released. It was first shown at Sony Computer Entertainment Korea‘s press event. SNK Playmore later released the video. While the graphics “barely improved” from the first trailer. The second trailer […]

SNK Playmore Officially Withdraws From The Pachislot Market

After a lot of rumors speculated last month, SNK Playmore has formally announced its withdrawal from the Pachinko-slot (pachislot) business. SNK Playmore released a press statement (pdf) announcing their withdrawal Following that announcement, they mentioned that they will refocus back […]

The King of Fighters XIV at PlayStation Experience

Despite reeling from the various fan reactions of the first trailer, The King of Fighters XIV might have a playable demo at the upcoming PlayStation Experience, this December 5-6 at Moscone West, San Francisco. KOF XIV is among the initial […]


Fighters Marathon: Hosted by Cyberfanatix!



In celebration of Cyberfanatix’s 15th Anniversary this year, we are going to be hosting the first installment of a new King of Fighters XIII tournament series in Pakistan, with sponsorship by LDA (with cash prizes) called “Fighters Marathon”. The tournament will be held on May 1st in Karachi, Pakistan, followed by a King of Fighters ’98 Ultimate Match side tournament on May 3rd. The tournament’s rules are found below:

All participants need to reach the venue fifteen minutes before the tournament starts.

No entries will be accepted on the day of tournament or after registration ends.

In the case of a player arriving late, thirty minutes will be given by administration if the player is convinced by any genuine issue before reaching the venue.

The tournament is based upon the Double Elimination system, though the administration will have the rights to make slight changes if necessary.

Player board would be based in Alphabetical order, so there will be no issues or excuses from any participant during the match.

Abusive language is strictly prohibited during the tournament, no one should use it, regardless if its in a good or bad manner.

Highly disciplined behavior is essential for every player attending the tournament.

Damaging any asset of the tournament will cause either a penalty or legal action against the player.

The violation of any rule will cause a straight disqualification from the tournament, regardless if a participant stands at a final position.

For more information on the tournament, be sure to check out its facebook page and the event itself! Registration ends on April 25th.


EVO 2015 Lineup revealed!

EVO 2015 will be held from July 17 to July 19, 2015, and its main game roster has just been revealed! However, the King of Fighters XIII will not be returning as a main event game this year.

Main game lineup

  • Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3
  • Ultra Street Fighter IV
  • Killer Instinct
  • Guilty Gear Xrd -SIGN-
  • Mortal Kombat X
  • Persona 4 Arena Ultimax
  • Super Smash Bros. Melee
  • Super Smash Bros. for Wii U
  • Tekken 7

SNK PLAYMORE Looking For New Development Staff.


SNK PLAYMORE posted on their recruitment page that they are looking for new a staff to develop the new KOF game. Stay tuned for more information!



New banner with Iori Yagami’s 3D model!




KOF ’98 on Android Holiday Sale.


“KOF ’98” will be available at the tiny price of $0.99 during the Google Holiday Campaign!! Don’t miss out on this amazing opportunity and get the pinnacle of KOF on your favorite device by January 4th, 2015!! More details at:



And finally SNK wishes a Merry Christmas to all their fans!

Merry Christmas



“BEAST BUSTERS featuring KOF” Available For Android Now!


BEAST BUSTERS featuring KOF” is available free today to download on Android devices and soon later on iPhone! Check the first Trailer of the game, and it’s Features!


BEAST BUSTERS featuring KOF– Trailer

Game Features:
◆ The latest installment in the horror gun-shooting action game series “BEAST BUSTERS”!
The latest installment in the arcade game “BEAST BUSTERS” which was an international hit at its release in the arcades in 1989, is now available to download on Android!

◆ Famous characters from “THE KING OF FIGHTERS” game series join the battle!
“Kyo Kusanagi”, the original hero of the “KOF” game series which turns 20 this year appears as a playable character! Other KOF characters will also support you during your mission!

◆ Simple controls for the best gun-shooting experience!
With its very simple controls in which you aim on the left screen and shoot with the right screen, even the beginner players will be able to enjoy “BEAST BUSTERS featuring KOF” from start!

◆ Gather “Fighter Cores” in order to power them up and make them evolve!
There are more than 100 different “Fighter Cores”, items in which inhabit the power of KOF fighters, in “BEAST BUSTERS featuring KOF”! Try to combine a lot of them with each other in other to strengthen and/or make evolve your abilities!

◆ Master your “Skills” to annihilate the Beasts!
Equip yourself with Fighter Cores in order to get “Skills”. Step up your status and activate Special Moves in order to increase your player’s abilities.

◆ Play in co-op with your friends in “Multiplay” and advance through stages together!
A “Multiplay” game mode that allows you to play with your friends like arcade and PC games is available. Join forces and aim together for the stage goal!


Guilty Gear Xrd: TGS 2014 trailer!

Arc System Works has released a fresh new trailer for Guilty Gear Xrd straight from the Tokyo Game Show! The new trailer covers the story as well as console exclusive characters Sin Kiske and Elphelt. This is one jam-packed trailer you will not want to miss!

Guilty Gear Xrd will be released on December 4, 2014 in Japan for PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4. It is also dated for a Holiday 2014 release in the United States, published by Aksys Games.

New Game Line-Up From SNK PLAYMORE.


SNK PLAYMORE has announced their upcoming game line-up, and this time they will bring KOF ’98 Ultimate Match Final Edition and KOF 2002 Unlimited Match to STEAM, besides to that more new games are under development based on classical titles like Beast Busters and Athena Asamiya developed for Android / iPhone devices.




Metal Slug X Coming To Steam in October.

Metal Slug X, the famous Run N’ Gun Shooter from SNK PLAYMORE, is coming to STEAM on October 2. The game is priced at $7.99, but gamers can save 25% by Pre-Purchasing the game, and get it with only $5.99.




KOF Characters Joined Core Masters MOBA.


Iori Yagami, Athena Asamiya, and Kyo Kusanagi have joined Core Masters which is a MOBA game. Try to watch the videos below where you can see KOF characters in action!!

Stay tuned for more information …

Core Masters JP

Happy 20th Anniversary KOF.


I can’t believe that 20 years have passed since the release of first KOF game, remembering those years brings back beautiful memories, for most of us KOF is more than just a fighting game, it’s a part of our life, so let’s refresh our memories by watching all KOF‘s openings from ’94XIII, also don’t forget to check some beautiful artwork done by fans exclusively for the 20th Anniversary of KOF series.

Happy 20th Anniversary KOF!!


KOF Openings (  ’94XIII )

 KOF 20th AnniversaryFan Artwork