METAL SLUG 3 Now Available to Pre-Order on Steam.

SNK PLAYMORE CORPORATION (Corporate HQ: Suita-city, Osaka, Japan, Company President & CEO: Koichi Toyama) is proud to announce the worldwide release of “METAL SLUG 3” on the Steam PC gaming platform.   SNK‘s 2D action-shooting masterpiece lands on Steam (PC – Windows) at […]


Metal Slug 3 Beta Test Keys.

Hello all, SNK PLAYMORE offered for our community 6 Beta Keys to test their newest game on Steam ” Metal Slug 3 “, anyone can participate to get a Key by writing his/her Username here in a post, after that we will choose randomly the 6 Winners according to the Post Number. Deadline : […]

Metal Slug 3 on Steam.

METAL SLUG Breaking News!! We are pleased to announce that we are currently running a “Closed Beta” for “METAL SLUG 3″ on Steam. If you’d like a key, be sure to “Follow” us on Twitter ( and “Like / Share” […]


Samurai Spirits : Kengou Hachi-ban Shoubu.

SNK PLAYMORE has released the first trailer of Samurai Spirits : Kengou Hachi-ban Shoubu, the game will be released on Pachislot machines, stay tuned for more information. Big thanks to Yuki Yagami for the heads up.  


Season’s Greetings from SNK PLAYMORE.

SNK PLAYMORE wishes a Merry Christmas and a happy holiday season to all their SNK and METAL SLUG fans around the world!!   METAL SLUG WORLD


NeoGeo Station ( KOF 96 & MS2 ) 50% Off.

SNK PLAYMORE proud to announce that PS3 and PSP ver. of “THE KING OF FIGHTERS’ 96″ and “METAL SLUG 2″ will be available from Nov. 29th to Dec. 2nd at 50% off on all European and other PAL territories’ Playstation Stores!!

Don’t miss out these “Black Friday” Sales Campaign and get these two legendary NEOGEO masterpieces at a very tantalizing price!!


NeoGeo Station

KOFXIII Steam Edition 50% Off.

From Nov. 27th to Dec. 2nd, “THE KING OF FIGHTERS XIII STEAM EDITION” will be featured in Valve’s Steam Autumn Sale at 50% OFF!!

Grab this opportunity to get the quintessential 2D VS Fighting Game from SNK Playmore on offer a t a very low price!

Click on the link below for more info about “KOF XIII Steam Edition”!!



New Updates From SNK PLAYMORE.


SNK PLAYMORE has renewed their Website with new updates. They have posted a mysterious image with 3D redners showing Nakoruru, Terry Bogard, Haohmaru, Geese Howard, and Alice a character from Pachislot games. It could be new 3D games.


3d_sam_kof“The World Still Isn’t Playing Enough.”

SNK PLAYMORE also announced KOF ’97 for Android / iOS devices. You can browse the Official Website in English from here:

KOF ’97 – Official Website


And the final update from them is launching their Official Page on Twitter G-Mantle (ゲーマント) ). Lets hope to a hear new announcement from them soon!


SNK Playmore USA appoints new President.

SNK Playmore USA appoints Mr. Koichi Toyama as the new President of the company.


To Whom It May Concern,

I am pleased to inform you that as of today SNK PLAYMORE CORPORATION USA’s Board of Directors has officially appointed me, Koichi Toyama, as the new Company President of SNK PLAYMORE USA CORPORATION in light of the resignation of Masao Ohata.

Just as my predecessor Mr. Ohata, I would like to emphasize that I will focus on continuing strong business development in order to surpass all expectations. I promise to do my best with vigorous dedication for the company and our Video Games business.Thank you very much for your continued support of SNK PLAYMORE USA CORP.


1700 7th Ave., Suite 2100, Seattle, WA 98101

Koichi Toyama / President & CEO

SNK Playmore USA

Big thanks to Blaze for the heads up.

Welcome to Cyberfanatix 4.0 !!

We at Cyberfanatix are proud to launch the 4th version of our website with a stylish new look to celebrate its 13th birthday. Everybody welcome to Cyberfanatix 4.0 !!


KoF XIII: Robert Garcia combo video teaser

I have moved to ! It would be highly appreciated if you can share the news to your friends that I’ve moved channel and will put all future videos on the channel (unless my old channel becomes free in the future). Be sure to subscribe!

Cyberfanatix 4.0 preview


You local administrator Mikel here, and I guess its time for us to go through a huge change this month, as we advance and become Cyberfanatix 4.0 to commemorate with Cyberfanatix’s 13th birthday!


Main Page

Like the forums, we are giving CX’s front page a make over as well.  This new layout will greatly fit with our new changes, especially like the one you see in our forums.  Big thanks to Evil_Yagami for our new theme!



After years of its absence during CX 3.0, the gallery returns with a new look and better software! Wallpapers, artwork, cosplay, FAQs and fan fiction are all available here!  Users can also submit their own artwork in the gallery as well.  The gallery opens on the CX 4.0 launch. The skin we have for the gallery at the moment is just a placeholder until we find one that works.

The Forums

Last but not least, I have added in a lot of new changes to the forums over the past two months since we upgraded to Simple Machines Forum 2.0.  Country flags, social network contact methods, and much more were added in the process. Expect more changes to the forums, such as new themes, in the coming weeks!

Cyberfanatix 4.0 is expected to launch next week. Discuss our upcoming changes in our forums now!

Combo video contest held by SNK Playmore

SNK Playmore is holding a combo video contest for anyone who wants to try out their skills at combo making. The prize is a free download code for KoF XIII Steam Edition and possibly even more. For details, you can ask on their many SNK official fanpages but I would suggest KOF WORLD on Facebook. Good luck!

KoF XIII: Athena Asamiya combo video

This is the first time I actually had to use an arcade stick instead of a controller since to get most out of Athena’s combos, you need really precise timing. All the butt attacks in the video (other than obvious ones canceled from ground attacks) are the air version and not the ground one. Although much more difficult to do, it rewards you with many things such as more damage, quicker startup and can be done at pretty much any height allowing more hits of her Phoenix Arrow to connect. Sometimes it’s not a good idea to get more hits in the Phoenix Arrow since it will definitely add up in the damage scaling, but it actually does more overall damage when used after damage scaling is maxed. I also use all different enders for her Neo Max! Green (leftover color) for Elisabeth, yellow (lightning) for Benimaru, purple (flames) for EX Iori, black (tar?) for Saiki and bikini (KoF Kyo) for Kyo!


KoF XIII: Takuma Sakazaki combo video

I won’t lie, this is probably the easiest character combo video I’ve done so far for the game. Takuma is quite a one dimensional character. His choices for ground combos or juggles are restricted to just a few options. Does that mean he’s terrible? Of course not! In fact, he does a lot of things many characters cannot. Some obvious things is that the majority of characters require HD mode in order to do severe damage. Takuma doesn’t need HD mode one bit. In fact, he shouldn’t even be going into HD mode since you gain meter while outside of HD mode which comes to the next thing Takuma is awesome at, gaining meter. He gains a ton of meter during his combos so it’s actually possible to start with less meter that the combo normally requires and still be able to do the full combo you are attempting.